Exterior of an adapted caravan
Exterior of an adapted caravan holiday home
Bathroom in an adapted caravan
Bathroom in an adapted caravan holiday home
Lounge in an adapted caravan
Adapted kitchen
Lounge in an adapted caravan
Adapted living room
Bedroom in an adapted caravan
Bedroom in an adapted caravan holiday home
Bedroom in an adapted caravan
Bedroom in an adapted caravan holiday home

Adapted & Accessible Caravans at Haven

We think organising a trip to the seaside should be easy for everyone. That's why Haven have a range of specially adapted and accessible caravans, these are suitable for everyone from wheelchair users to guests with guide dogs.

Since all disabilities and impairments vary from person to person, we’ve trained a team of specialist advisors to help find the best adapted caravans for you. We also welcome Registered Assistance Dogs in all of our adapted caravans. Call 0333 202 5256 to talk to one of our Special Needs Advisors to ensure that we find the right accommodation for your needs.

Floorplan for an Adapted caravan

We have a number of different holiday homes available for our guests with limited accessibility, and they are available in two types. Our specialist advisors can help you choose which park and caravan would suit your needs, plus they have all the details about the terrain on our parks and access to our facilities and beaches.

Type 1 - Moderate accessibility issues

Adapted caravan with ramp access
  • Ramp access to the door
  • Double bed or twin single in the main bedroom
  • Twin second bedroom
  • Shower area has outward opening double doors*
  • Some lowered units in the kitchen
  • Pull out bed in the lounge
  • Parking next to caravan
  • Trapeze lift handle
  • Some models are pet friendly

Type 2 - Very limited mobility or wheelchair dependant

Adapted bathroom
  • Ramp access to wide front door
  • Wet room with seating in shower
  • Hand rails throughout
  • Trapeze lift handle
  • Main bedroom with wheelchair access between beds
  • Second bedroom - not suitable for wheelchair access
  • Sliding doors throughout
  • Parking next to caravan

Accommodation Guarantee

It's very important that you're happy with your accommodation when you're on holiday. Please let us know if you aren't as soon as you arrive so we can try to resolve any issues for you. If you feel we've been unable to do so and you choose to go straight home, we'll offer you a full refund.

    Please note
  • *Some showers have an entry lip to retain the water
  • ~Please request trapeze lift handle at the time of booking
  • Three bedroom Adapted caravans are not available
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